/'nē"yəm-ītē/ • nee-yum-i-t

Regular | Orderly | Consistent | Systematic | Governed by Rules


Since its foundation in 2007 by a group of technology consultants from several major consulting firms, NiyamIT excels in our core focus areas: Data Science & Analytics; Security, Cloud Engineering, & Technical Infrastructure; Agile/DevSecOps; and GIS Applications & Analytics. Our solutions are driven by over ten years of technical expertise in the industries of Disaster Relief, Business Process Management, Grants Management, and Healthcare IT. Our solutions are proven to accelerate collaboration, increase efficiency, and consistently provide rapid, breakthrough results while remaining conscious of shifting timelines and budgets.

NiyamIT provides technology and consulting services to a wide array of clients, operating in both federal and commercial markets. We are proud of our past performance in government at agencies such as GSA and DHS. Our span in the commercial sector covers clients as large as IBM to local small businesses. Focused on long-term change and positively impacting the IT landscape, NiyamIT helps clients reach their technology needs or goals through innovation, collaboration, and a dedicated team with ideals based upon the rules of NiyamIT.

Our proven track record has earned NiyamIT a reputation as a go-to company for reliable, cost-effective solutions that alleviates troubled projects and tackles tough business problems. We pride ourselves on a commitment to our client relationships, anticipating your needs today to provide you solutions for tomorrow. 

Our Core Values

FOCUS: Customer mission success is our top priority.

INTEGRITY: We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate actions that drives an organization of which we are proud.

SATISFACTION: We consistently receive “outstanding” client satisfaction scores, and we have trusted relationships with our core clients for 10+ years.

INNOVATION: There’s always Proof of Concepts (POCs) running in our innovation lab. We sponsor “Tech Talk” and “Hackathon” type events.

PROFESSIONALISM: Our annual attrition rate is <3%. Our people are our catalysts for success.

TRUST: Advisor to Agency CIOs/CTOs; Chief Solution Architect for Mission Critical Programs; Lead Business Architect; Core Member of IT Advisory Group.

Our Domains

  • Disaster Relief

  • Business Process Management

  • Grants Management

  • Healthcare IT

Our Solutions

  • Data Science & Analytics

  • Security, Cloud Engineering, & Technical Infrastructure

  • Agile/DevSecOps

  • GIS Applications & Analytics