NiyamIT, knows the business of health delivery and information systems technology, with special emphasis in DOD and VA Health Systems. 

We deliver solutions that improve Health Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, Continuity, Cost-Effectiveness, and Quality (3A2CQ) and promote Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other health information systems.

Honored to serve our military as a member of the IBM/Epic Team for the Department of Defense (DOD) Healthcare Management System Modernization DHMSM) Program.

Our solutions promote military personnel readiness, and ensure military medical personnel are ready to respond to contingency, disaster, and humanitarian situations.

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Committed to the lives of America's service members.


Natural Language Processing

NLP turns unstructured medical text into computable codes and concepts. When used with speech recognition, NLP can assist clinicians in entering text into Electronic Health Records, improving usability and computability. NLP use cases can involve automated billing and coding, Clinical Decision support, Population Health, Chronic Disease Management, Pharmacovigilance, and Biosurveillance.

Our NLP system, designed with medical research centers and drug administrators in perspective, eliminates manual processing and matching of clinical trials to patient records.


Interface and Interoperability

We build open and custom, secure, high-performance interfaces to fully integrate disparate clinical and business systems within or across health systems, to achieve foundational, syntactical, and semantic interoperability.  

Our interfaces result in improved continuity of care through the sharing of health information, and the reduction of duplicate services, which can help reduce costs. Our solutions follow the HHS Office of the National Coordinator and HIMSS Integrated Health Environment standards, and can employ emerging HL-7 FHIR messaging and information models.

Healthcare Analytics

We offer simulation,cohort builders and predictive analytics solutions on data from disparate EMR systems and medical devices to deliver business and clinical insights. Our solutions enable previously undiscovered data relationships to generate new hypotheses and insights.


Applications Architecture

We design technical architectures that are tied to operational and strategic architectures to help consolidate platforms and reduce duplicity, as required by the Clinger-Cohen Act.

We employ state-of-the art requirements and business process management tools and simulation, to ensure that all pieces of the architecture work together in Services Oriented Architectures and/or Event Driven Architectures.

We employ Agile and Lean software development and sound project management and Six Sigma quality principles to design big and small data platforms.


Cloud Based Applications

Our cloud storage solutions can provide secure access to combined clinical, image, financial, and administrative data for use by providers and payers in Population Health and Chronic Disease Management.