Hyperledger Fabric is actively seeking innovators to contribute to the project. Pick an area of your interest and join any of the Hyperledger project working groups. Get started with obtaining a Linux foundation user ID for free.


Working Groups:

1.       Requirements group – Gathering use cases, requirements

2.       Whitepaper group –  Publish whitepapers, maintain knowledgebase

3.       Architecture group – Build the Reference Architecture for Hyperledger Fabric

4.       Identity group – Focus on different aspects related to identity management like membership services, federation, permission less, permissioned, etc.

There are many projects in incubation stage, for eg.:

1.       Blockchain explorer – tool to allow seeing nodes, transactions in user friendly interface

2.       Fabric – Permission network

3.       Fabric API – Java API to interact with network

4.       Fabric chain tool – testing, developing deploying chaincode