Anticipated in use by up to 65% by 2020, Blockchain As a Service is a key offering for many market segments. We are learning, experimenting on the Hyperledger Project with IBM for cutting edge solutions of the future.

Where it started

The first Bitcoin transaction was a pizza order on May 21st, 2010 for 10,000 BTC in Jacksonville, FL. On January 2, 2017, Bitcoin hit a three-year high, with value reaching as much as $1,033.

Bitcoin, the rebel money, had been lurking in the background as a mysterious cryptocurrency, used by gamers, money launderers and others in the dark alley and now, is at the threshold of a revolution. The excitement is not just about the emergence of a new alternate currency that is not governed by dynamics of any government like traditional currency, but also the technology that makes it happen – The Blockchain Technology.


Instep with Esri ArcGIS (TM) 

Hazus is the largest consumer of ARcGIS products and utilizes in built ArcObjecs to the extremes. Any updates to ArcObjects in newer versions triggers a changes in Hazus. We are revamping Hazus framework to reduce the dependencies that arise due to depracation of ArcObjects in current versions of Hazus.

An improved Hazus will fully utilize the advance capabilities of latest versions, that Esri offers. 


Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS)

CDMS will streamline and automate processing of raw data. Updated datasets can be shared between user communities for common use, instead of each user community having to make its own updates.

Local community users will have access to more accurate data.

They will have the flexbility to update FEMA state datasets, without waiting for official releases. 



More precise curves

Backed by powerful Spatial data types in SQL Server 2014, Hazus will provide greater modeling precision. The geography data types for round-earth coordinate system is well suited for Hazus geospatial calculations.

The tasks of loading and extracting spatial data will be simplified. 

All of this would take place on the server side, eliminating load on client side.



Performance Improvements

We are changing the database engine to take advantage of the 64 bit architecture.

To maintain tight security and protection of the systems registry, Hazus will now utilize its own configuration file and leave the systems registry untouched. 

Improved Development platform

We are converting legacy VB6 code to a more flexible C# code base for better interoperability and scalability.

Doing this makes us build a solid foundation for future enhancements on the.NET framework