A Deep Dive into Responsive Methodology

Requirements change. Features change. When change is inevitable, chaos is not an option — but a Responsive Methodology¬© is. Based on Agile and DevOps principles, our Responsive Methodology¬© (RM) is designed to handle change. It’s our secret sauce for IT solutions that enable our Federal and Commercial customers be more effective, flexible and efficient to respond to changes.

Why Responsive Methodology©? Our approach strives to achieve three main outcomes:

  • Transparency Our real time metrics on dev processes are great resources for Program Officials and Acquisition team stakeholders to track our progress and ensure success from their IT investments.
  • Speed To Market – End users benefit by our iterative modular development approach that offers them frequent usable features. We utilize COTS where relevant, for quicker solutions.
  • Low Risk – Continuous testing, short feedback loops, immersive Design Thinking sessions with stakeholders enable regular validation. We stay away from scope creep and remain on track.

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