What Is Niyam?

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We are Niyam IT, a software consulting firm that aims to to responsibly serve American citizens and global communities by providing effective IT solutions with measurable outcomes for our clients’ most complex and critical mission challenges. Our ultimate goal and vision is to be a trusted partner and recognized leader by supplying the highest caliber of people, dedicated to improving every client’s business outcomes.

How do we do this? It’s all governed by our name, “Niyam”. “Niyam”, as a name, is derivative of the word “niyama”, of Sanskrit origin. Quite literally, niyama means “positive duties”, which are virtuous habits particularly marked by clarity, contentment, austerity, reflection, and contemplation. These positive duties guide us in our approach to problem-solving, as we listen and adapt to the needs of our community and serve to give the best in what we are good at. And what we’re good at, is delivering stellar information technology services.

This blog will be used to communicate our own updates, outcomes, and ideas to share with our community our own stories driven by virtuous habits, as we anticipate your needs for today to provide your solutions for tomorrow.

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