How we align with “Ready FEMA- 2022-2026”

Climate change, increasing disasters and unprecedented needs at a growing scale are stretching the response, recovery, and mitigation capabilities at their seams. To adapt to these pivotal changes and enhance the overall emergency management capabilities at all levels that can address the nation’s most catastrophic threats and disasters, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released their Strategic Plan for 2022-2026.

“To promote and sustain a Ready FEMA” – Goal 3, FEMA Strategic Plan 2022-2026

FEMA’s disaster missions are dependent on mission enablers such as possessing the IT infrastructure and tools to support data and information sharing with state, local, tribal and territorial entities. Over the years of supporting FEMA in mission-critical programs, we at Niyam have developed an IT framework that can continually assess system readiness and provide a systematic approach for prioritizing resources and mitigating risks to critical functions during large or long duration disaster events.

Process + Passion

Our process + passion approach continues to inspire us to craft mission-critical solutions for emergency preparedness & response, natural resource management, law enforcement & justice, health IT, and global citizen services. We believe that we can push the limits of technology to create low risk, seamless solutions that guarantee continuity of services at the highest quality levels.

We developed and continue to enhance FEMA’s HAZUS software, one of the world’s only free and open-source risk modeling tools, used by emergency management organizations globally.

Data Science, Analytics & Management

Our data scientists share a single common mission to empower organizations with high quality data. By identifying and applying the most effective data management and analytics strategies, we empower decision makers with actionable insights.

GIS Analytics & Applications

Our GIS experts employ state of the art GIS techniques to analyze and visualize geospatial data to reveal accurate, real time mission critical insights. Our all-in-one Risk Management Toolkit combines GIS technology with big data and custom software to provide a tailored solution for disaster resilience.

Infrastructure & Cloud Engineering

Our forward-thinking IT infrastructure and cloud team builds future ready solutions that guarantee 99.99% uptime. With several successful IT modernizations, cloud/DevOps engineers have overcome several operational challenges by building fit-for-purpose cloud solutions that support sustainment and adapt to future technologies.

Agile/DevSecOps Methodologies

We combine people, processes, and tools to streamline workflows, facilitate collaboration and drive feedback through IT development cycles. Our Responsive Methodology™ dramatically increases transparency and speed-to-market, while minimizing risk and cost. It is the secret sauce in our IT solutions that enable agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Our secure systems create trusted connections across IT systems to increase interconnectivity. This will enable FEMA to adapt and expand its approach via IT infrastructure to continuously support the needs of community partners across a larger spectrum. It increases the nation’s ability to address emergent threats by promoting better integration and coordination across agencies.