Niyam IT’s Highlights at AGU ‘22

Niyam IT is proud to share that several of our employees participated in the 2022 Fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference in Chicago. This conference is one of the most influential events in the world dedicated to the advancement of earth and space sciences. The AGU conference covers a wide range of topics, including earth and planetary sciences, solar and space physics, and climate and environmental science. They connected with researchers, scientists, and industry leaders and attended sessions on measuring risk, flood mapping methods and tools, impacts of climate change on food security, wildfire mapping, and earthquake modeling.

Niyam IT co-presented with FEMA on the improvements to Hazus 6.0. They created a graphic entitled Advances in Development of Dasymetric Exposure Area for FEMA’s Hazus Risk Assessment Tool. This graphic focused on the improvements in the Dasymetric census block in the Hazus 6.0 release. Some of our own from Niyam IT along with Casey Zuzak of FEMA, joined together to answer questions. Niyam IT also delivered a presentation entitled Advances in FEMA Hazus National Datasets for Loss Estimation and participated in a panel discussion.


Niyam IT, Inc. employees (left to right) Troy Schmidt, Jenny Sims, Doug Bausch, Ashley Hoke

Attending AGU was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with researchers and industry leaders, learn about the latest advancements in geospatial technology, and to highlight our services. Jenny Sims, Director of GIS at Niyam IT, said “It was an inspiring and educational experience to learn from experts in the field and discuss topics related to earth and space sciences. We were able to network with representatives from other institutions and organizations to learn more about their work and make connections. We also had the opportunity to display our own work and get feedback from our peers.”

Niyam IT is proud of the work our employees are doing and looks forward to them returning next year!

Doug Bausch, Director of Data Science, for Niyam IT, Inc. giving a presentation on Advances in FEMA Hazus National Datasets for Loss Estimation.
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