Reflecting on the ESRI Partner Conference 2023

Betsy Finlay, NiyamIT’s Risk MAP Program Manager, recently attended the ESRI Partner Conference, which highlighted the benefits of being an ESRI Partner with a specialty (e.g., ArcGIS System Ready).

During the conference, Betsy learned about several key factors that contribute to success in the GIS industry, including embracing modern GIS patterns, building capacity with a diverse team, being an early adopter, managing scalability, and establishing a clear corporate brand identity. In addition, she was excited to hear about the importance of establishing Centers of Excellence to brainstorm and identify thought leaders. This was a key takeaway as NiyamIT recently launched its own GIS Center of Competency.

The ESRI Partner Conference offered sessions that focused on developing businesses with ESRI, including a particular emphasis on utilizing ArcGIS Reality and Indoor. Betsy discovered emerging ESRI products, such as the ArcGIS Reality Studio app and Reality extension for ArcGIS Pro, which leverages aerial imagery, drone mapping, and real-time feeds to create a digital twin of a landscape. In addition, she explored innovative ESRI apps like ArcGIS Knowledge, which identifies patterns and creates knowledge graphs in spatial data. Betsy also attended workshops that provided information on how to gain business and partner opportunities utilizing ESRI products and emerging GIS markets. Most importantly, she learned that AGOL is now FedRamp Moderate!

Betsy looks forward to sharing her new knowledge with NiyamIT colleagues to provide enhanced services to clients.