Multiple diagnosis-treatment cycles with various providers at multiple locations add complexity to patient records. A considerable amount of valuable time is lost in trying to get the full picture. Absence of complete patient history, during emergencies, may lead to unsuitable treatment options with drastic results.

IBM Initiate systems are used in healthcare, financial and government projects to match individuals based on demographic information. A series of deployed statistical algorithms enable combination, comparison, review and resolution of potential data issues.

At Wellpoint, one of our prestigious clients, Initiate systems generate a unique, enterprise-wide master consumer identifier (MCID) for member information captured across WellPoint systems. MCID are used in several  downstream applications where they need to know about individuals and what healthcare policies they hold. New and updated demographic data from EDWard(Enterprise Datawarehouse and Reporting Depot) system is loaded into MCID Initiate systems on a daily basis. Data attributes are matched based on the stored demographic information, to create unique enterprise-wide MCID for member data captured across 20 source systems.

NiyamIT team at Wellpoint, in collaboration with IBM,  provides MDM solutions to meet business needs and manage development resources off-shore and on-site. Our achievements include design and implementation of new Initiate algorithms. We have implemented several new processes which are used for Data Stewards in metadata registries. We have set standards, guidelines and procedures for design and development in ETL and Initiate environments. Many re-usable programs for drop and load processes are also to our credit.

Initiate Healthcare components include:

IBM Initiate Provider Direct : It simplifies the task of provider data management by giving the user direct access to crucial provider information for successful Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Provider Hub and Patient Hub: This pre-packaged IBM Initiate Workbench project is designed to accelerate the implementation of Initiate healthcare solutions, by keeping the project aligned with pre-built artifacts that adhere to best practices.

Equipped with extensive MDM experience, we envision extending MDM solutions to Military Healthcare by including components of Initiate Healthcare for patients and providers. This aims to optimize patient-provider relationships, reduce response times and enable cohesive medical care.

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Author: Shweta Katre (

Contributions: Kiran Darla (, MDM Solution Architect – NiyamIT MDM Team