EMRs are built to perform many powerful things; clinical decision support, data analytics and information exchange. However, full utilization of EMRs is only possible if there exists at least a basic clinical workflow that interprets EMRs and decides the course of action. It is only then, that the data becomes useful information.

Clinical workflows focus on improving patient safety,enhancing the quality of patient data, enriching workflow efficiency and improving distribution of workflow tasks. 

Why in the Cloud

EHRs are being integrated with image viewers to bridge the gap between referring physicians and radiologists. Medical images are projected to require 30% of the world’s storage and could soon represent 10% of all healthcare costs. Such infrastructures require cloud based networks as backbone.

Easy Accessibility

Accessibility of EHRs enables sharing and deeper collaboration between experts, to enable better decision making.

Anytime, anywhere access models allow access to medical data remotely.

Cost Effectiveness

A SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or on demand software with capabilities of remote image review, advanced 3-D apps and billing helps keep operating costs down.

Storage and Retrieval

A systematic storage system enables timely retrieval of EHRs. A recent survey found that approx 20% of images were hand carried or emailed directly to physicians, about 90% of images were entered in the Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), if available. Several of the physicians and IT staff in the survey noted that images were frequently lost and exams had to be redone. Such situations in emergency settings pose challenges when time is a crucial factor in saving a life.

Impact of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have transformed healthcare at many leading institutions. They are in use for diagnosis as well as communication between radiologists, referring doctors and patients. Equipped with remote desktop access and DICOM viewers, real time consulting makes the systems more efficient.

Why NiyamIT

NiyamIT architects are a part of a cloud platform team involved in the design of clinical workflows for next generation healthcare solutions. With emphasis on HIPAA compliance and cloud security, our solutions are built to run on iOS and perform semantic searches on healthcare data residing in HBase on Hadoop clusters, the new workflows aim to provide intuitive, always available mobile healthcare solutions. Our capabilities include:

  • Implementation of Big Data Clusters to process peta byte scale data
  • Implementation of Lambda architecture for real time and batch processing using Hadoop and Storm
  • Operationalization of business, social, web, sensor, reference,cyber data sets
  • iOS and Android based applications for Big Data Visualizations
  • Advance analytics applications with Apache Mahout, Karmasphere
  • Application of Machine Learning
  • Integration of Big Data environments with monitoring solutions like Ganglia, Nagios, Zabbix

Let us provide you with the best practices and guidance on analyzing and improving clinical workflows. Please contact us to learn more.

(Author: Shweta Katre

Sources: Cloud computing market in healthcare industry – Global industry analysis, size, share, trends and forecast 2012-2018 Transparency Market Research, Wall Street Journal April 17,2013)