With a finger on the IT pulse, we incorporate emerging technologies into legacy systems to make them cost effective and relevant in rapidly changing IT ecosystems. For geograhies riddled with several manmade and natural hazards like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, and snow storms, we fulfill the need of a reliable risk assessment solution. Our solutions in the Federal sector, enable mitigation, emergency planning, first response and catastrophe modeling.

NiyamIT’s strong relationship with FEMA associates us with trust and reliability – the two most important requirements for critical federal programs involving human lives and property.

NiyamIT, in partnership with IBM, plays a leading role in transforming proposal to implementation to FEMA Risk MAP program. Our solutions based on Hazus, provide visualization of spatial relationships between populations and geographic resources.

Our extensive domain knowledge and cutting edge technical expertise in big data analytics helps identify hazards and assist in timely disaster planning. Crunching 165TB of GIS data, our system architects and implementers have enabled deployment of massive GIS data sets and flood maps.

NiyamIT’s newly deployed search engine harnesses diverse GIS data on FEMA’s distributed databases to enable search and analytics at lightning speeds. Our  expertise in Esri’s ArcGIS tool gives us an edge over spatial visualization applications.

GIS in healthcare plays a critical role in quality of care, increasing accessibility of service, cost effective delivery models and research. It enables dissemination of clinical and administrative information in a visual and geographic manner. Using GIS for demographic analysis can be used to estimate the demand for various types of services

Innovation at NiyamIT continues with leaps and bounds as we examine the role of GIS to integrate a wide range of data sources from legacy systems to image data, and make complex data more quickly and easily understood.