Our healthcare practice team of IT professionals and clinicians has in-depth experience from Military Treatment Facilities and Operational Units around the world. 


Natural Language Processing

Designed with clinical trials at medical drug research centers in perspective, our NLP system eliminates manual processing. Custom algorithms, NLP processes and ontologies break down unstructured content into manageable datasets.

Interface and Interoperability

Our custom built interface components enable information exchange between multiple EHR/PHR vendors to ensure smooth flow of clinical data across secure IT systems. Our solutions are designed to meet all 3 levels of interoperability – foundational, structural and semantic.


Cloud Based Applications

Our cloud based applications enable accessibility of healthcare information to providers, payers and third parties for collaboration. Focused on continuity and agility in an increasingly globalized world, our solutions enable seamless delivery of care.

Applications Architecture

Different platforms, Big Data, Small Data and a range of software that specialize in specific business purposes work, in unison to tie technology and healthcare together. We formulate structure and behavior between databases, middleware and application packages.

Healthcare Analytics

We offer simulation, BI and predictive analytics solutions on data from disparate EMR systems and medical devices to deliver business and clinical insights. Our solutions enable cost reduction, improved coordination and effective outcomes with powerful insights.