Disaster Relief

  • Accurate and timely solutions to cut down on response time and mitigate damage

  • Reliable risk assessment solution to both man-made and natural hazards

  • Mitigation planning, emergency planning, first response, regulatory policies, best use of public funds, and catastrophe modeling

  • Our spatial modeling software represents a close approximation of the real world with a set of modifiable assumptions. 

  • Our developers are experts, having designed the Hazards US- Multiple Hazards (Hazus-MH) software for FEMA, implemented by emergency management organizations around the world

Business Process Management

  • We continuously improve and iterate to optimize your corporate performance progressively

Grants Management

  • We design the grants modernization platforms from the ground up, taking into consideration existing pain points and best practices to reduce complexity and increase efficiency.

  • Our developers work in all project areas, from team leadership to hands-on coding. 

  • We fully automate the build, integration, testing, and deployment processes for turnkey, hands off operation.

  • Our multi-threaded automation implementations can reduce bloated workflows to a fraction of their previous time frames.

  • We will also work with your existing system, applying our knowledge with your tools to ensure our work reaches maximum functionality with minimum error.

Healthcare IT

Consulting services provided by NiyamIT have been exemplary, consistently on time and within budget, always going beyond our expectations” - Global Services Customer