Data Science & Analytics

  • Scalable, actionable insights

  • We provide self-service data accessibility from disparate, high-volume data sources to help in delivering enterprise life-cycle control for Data Quality and Governance

  • Build and deploy customized next generation analytics and visualization solutions

  • Transform data into useful information by implementing Data Governance/Rationalization

  • End-to-end Data Management including Information Sharing/Interoperability

Security, Cloud Engineering, & Technical Infrastructure

  • Design and deploy fit-for-purpose cloud applications

  • Conduct competitive analysis of cloud service providers

  • Implement FedRAMP tailored cloud strategies with Federal Cloud applications

  • Implement and manage development, test, staging, and production environments with SLAs for IT applications

  • Develop FISMA security plans and POAM solutions

  • Develop and deploy Identity Access Management solutions with HSPD12 PIV authentication


  • Developed Responsive Methodology (RM) to facilitate transparency, high speed to market and low risk

  • We implement transparent, low-risk Agile/DevOps IT programs

  • Host a “DevOps Den”, which inspires innovation and improvement that spans delivery cycles

  • Developed a framework that automates regression testing and also improves “Test Data Setup” for users

GIS Analytics & Applications

  • Provide GIS enterprise system design, capacity planning, configuration, and optimization

  • Provide state-of-the-art geospatial production, visualization, and analytics support (ESRI ArcGIS, Open Source Software)

  • Implement real-time situational awareness planning and decision support via Geocoding/Geolocation and remote sensing data

  • Implement Spatial Analysis FGDC Compliant data processing

  • Modernizing and maintaining FEMA’s Hazus Program, a nationally standardized methodology for the estimation of structural damage economic loss caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis

Consulting services provided by NiyamIT have been exemplary, consistently on time and within budget, always going beyond our expectations” - Global Services Customer